How Would You Like to Get Your Copy of Camtasia Studio with Six Valuable Bonuses Not Offered Anywhere Else?


OK – so you’ve checked it out, asked your friends, talked to your co-worker and all sources have pointed to Camtasia as the best screen recording and video software on the market. I already know that. I’ve been using it for the last 5 years for all my training and marketing videos and it totally rocks.

Thank goodness all the research is done. You’re already convinced that you need it. Now, all I have to do is convince you to purchase it from my reseller link and not from anywhere or anyone else. No problem… here we go.

I’ve done a little research for you. Here are the places you could purchase Camtasia Studio if you searched for it on Google:

  • TechSmith (the makers of Camtasia Studio and other fabulous software) (Price $299 but no bonuses).
  • ($299 -no bonuses).If you see it cheaper on Amazon it is most likely a student or Gov’t version that you can’t use commercially. Don’t fall for this.
  • Software Casa ($299 with free sound clips and video backgrounds) These bonuses, I promise, you will NEVER end up using. It sounds good to get so much flashy stuff and people get sucked into that all the time but Camtasia itself comes with much better clips already in their Library so don’t waste your time.

So where is the best place?
From right here at and here’s why…

First of all, the price you’ll pay and the software itself is going to be exactly the same no matter where you buy it.
But it’s the bonuses that should make the difference.

Michelle Schoen

Because I’m a Camtasia Trainer, when you buy Camtasia Studio 8
software through me… you get the kind of live training and
support that cannot be found anywhere else.




Special Promotion
When you buy Camtasia Studio 8 or
Camtasia Studio 8 with SnagIt, you also get…

Video Bonuses and Templates

Lame to Fame

Screencasting Essentials: From Lame to Fame

This is 4 hours worth of screencast training showing you what to do and what not to do to get the most professional looking screencasts.

Here’s a sneak peek.


How to Fix Your Mistakes Video

An hour of training on how the pros fix their video and audio mistakes. This can be the most difficult part of editing. You’ll watch this video over and over.


Fast Video Training Template

Twenty three PowerPoint slides to be used as a template for your next tutorial or multi-lesson course. Each slide has instructions on how to use it, including best instructional design practices and ideas for creating your theme, colors and fonts. It will take the guess work out of course creation.


Sample Project File

This project file for a tutorial shows exactly how it should flow. Just substitute my images and narration for your own and cut your production time in half.

Screencast Resource Report

Top Screencast Video Tools Resource Guide

Lon Naylor and I have put together this easy to use and thorough guide to the best places to get sound effects, intros/outros, graphics, images and video players. This will jumpstart your projects and reduce the time it takes to scour the internet looking for just the right photo.


What’s New in Camtasia 8.1 Video

This is a one hour webinar delivered to my subscribers detailing how Lon and I use the newest features of Camtasia 8.1 including greenscreen, stitching and multiple tracks. We show you lots of case studies and examples to get your creative juices flowing.



Click the “Buy” button below and you will have immediate access to all your bonuses. Then within 1 business day (probably in a few hours), you will receive instructions for downloading the latest version of Camtasia Studio along with your serial number.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8


TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8 with SnagIt


TechSmith Camtasia 8 Upgrade


TechSmith SnagIt 12

$ 49.95

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Here are just a few of our most recent testimonials:

Not since George Burns and Gracie Allen has there been as great a team as Lon and Michelle. Their wit and humor alongside clear, comprehensive training was more than I had hoped for. I’ve taken other computer design classes, but the Learn Camtasia course has opened new possibilities for me.
Vida Evelyn, Independent QuickBooks Consultant
“Michelle is an incredible teacher and very easy to work with. I had never used anything like Camtasia before, and was quite intimidated — especially because I promised to provide a 350,000 member client a training video! With much patience, Michelle worked with me every step of the way. I not only met my deadline – but produced a rockin video!”
Kim Freeman, Engagement Manager at Preventure
“I purchased your Learn Camtasia course awhile back. I started watching the training and got part way through it and got sidetracked with my business activities. I haven’t yet gotten through the entire course but so far I find it one of the best online courses I have used. The videos are very clear and concise and I can work at my pace. I hope to get back on track very soon and start producing my on screen-cap videos.”
Peter C. Goswick, Viewpoint Video - Durham, NC
“I just ordered my AT2020 condenser mic and I am so excited!! Thanks to you and the Camtasia training, I’ve been getting paid gigs for training videos! Thanks for making me look like a rock star!”
Reesa McKenzie, - Lansing, Michigan

This is a win/win proposition and I hope you will take advantage of it now! I change these bonuses out every month or so. If you like what you see right now, please don’t wait until your favorite bonuses are no longer offered.

Sorry Mac users, but my Camtasia Studio Training is geared towards PC users.

Best of success,
678-469-0428 (cell)


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